Benilde Services

In 2013  Benilde Services mowed and maintained over 500 city lots

for the City of Kansas City, Missouri as well as servicing

our private contracts with mowing, landscaping,  and

comprehensive  maintenance for facilities.

Godfrey S. Kobets
enilde Hall
3220 East 23rd Street   Kansas City, MO 64127   816-842-5836 Call United Way’s Info & Referral Line - Dial 211

Transitional Housing

A Theraputic Community

Treating Addiction, Mental Illness & Homelessness

Benilde Services

Compensated   work   programs   provided   employment opportunities   to   15   men.   The   company   provides   lawn care,   nursery   &   landscaping,   painting,   snow   removal, and   repair   services.   Clients   must   be   compliant   with their   program   including   being   abstinent   from   drugs   & alcohol   and   participating   in   treatment   services   to   be eligible.          Eighty     percent     of     participants     have maintained     sobriety,     33%     have     found     other     or additional    employment.        Forty    percent    have    found housing and moved into aftercare programming. 
Lawn services – mowing, clean up, planting, landscaping
Snow Removal
Handyman Services
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