Benilde Hall is a unique program offering housing, substance abuse

treatment, and treatment for mental illness to homeless

adult men all in one single facility.

Godfrey S. Kobets
enilde Hall
3220 East 23rd Street   Kansas City, MO 64127   816-842-5836 Call United Way’s Info & Referral Line - Dial 211

Transitional Housing

A Theraputic Community

Treating Addiction, Mental Illness & Homelessness
Quality Outcomes In 2015 upon entering the program: All were homeless All had addiction problems 46% had legal problems 62% were veterans 65% were suffering from mental illness In 2015, 54% of clients entering the Benilde Hall program had the dual diagnosis of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness.  In 2015, of the 381 men served between the Benilde Hall main campus and the Benilde Hall Safe Haven, 261 or 69% of them were Veterans.

The Therapeutic Community of Benilde Hall

2015 Services provided at the Benilde Hall Main Campus included: Housing - Transitional housing services for 65 men and long term independent housing for 12 men. Substance Abuse   Treatment   - All   residents   must   participate   in   a   recovery   program   that   includes   group   counseling,   community groups, individual counseling and community service. Services   for   Persons   with   Co-existing   Disorders   -   On-site   psychological   services   &   psychiatric   services   for   clients   with   a   dual- diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness. Medical Assessment & Education – On site HIV testing and health literacy education groups. Case    Management    -    Depending    on    the    unique    needs    theresident.    They    may    receive    additional    services    to    include:      employment   counseling,   independent   living   skills,   recreation   activities,   legal   advocacy   &   referrals,   transportation,   spirituality, financial counseling, family counseling, and referrals to community self-help groups. 2015 Highlights Supportive housing & treatment services were provided to 450 men, women, and children across all programs.  This increase is due to our expansion of VA Emergency Beds and the addition of a permanent supportive housing grant specifically for veterans. Individual substance abuse counseling provided 2,451 hours to our clients. Five hundred twenty-two hours (542) of psychotherapy and 131 hours of psychiatric services were also provided.   Benilde Hall provided 11,501 units of group counseling for substance abuse treatment.  For mental health treatment, 4,830 units of Dialectic Behavior Therapy and 792 units of Seeking Safety were provided. Health literacy and HIV educational groups provided a total of 1,027 units. To be successfully discharged from Benilde Hall, clients must be abstinent, have stable income, and move to stable housing.  In 2015, seventy-three percent (73%) of the clients were successfully discharged from the Benilde Hall Program. This is a 4% increase of the discharge success rate from 2014. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the clients improved mental health and 89% decreased crime involvement and increased social connectedness. Clients going through the program build a sense of community support through giving back.  This year our clients contributed to 5,496 hours of services to the community.  Benilde Services, a compensated work program provided employment opportunities to the men of Benilde Hall. The program provides lawn care, nursery & landscaping, painting, snow removal, and repair services. Benilde Services mowed and maintained over 500 city lots in 2015. Benilde Hall’s community partners include Kansas City Kansas Community College, UMKC, Metropolitan Community Colleges, and Avila University to provide field placement practicum for students in the fields of social work, psychology, and substance abuse and addictions.  Under staff supervision, student interns provide counseling services and facilitate groups.  The contribution this year in donated time by student interns was approximately 1500 hours. 
2015   Outcomes     Benilde Hall Transitional Housing      Outcomes   at   Discharge   2015  Target     at    Discharge     2 015     All  D ischarged  C lients   2015   Clients  M ore  than 30  D ay s  in  P rogram   2015           All Veterans   2015     Dual - Diagnosed     Clients  A bstain  from  D rugs   70%      are    A bstinent   90%       (n= 201/224 )   87%       (n=107/123   93 %       (n=142/153 )   92 %       (n=141/154 )   Clients have  I mproved  M ental  H ealth   80% have  D ecreased  M ental illness  S ymptoms   85 %       (n=186/218 )   84 %       (n=101/120 )   88 %       (n=129/147 )   89 %       (n=133/150 )   Reduced  C rime     &   Increased  S ocial  C onnectedness   80%    have  I mproved  S ocial  C onnectedness   89%       (n=194/218)   88%       (n=106/121)   91%       (n=134/147)   93%       (n=140/151)   Clients have  Stable  Incomes     & /or   E mployment   70%   have   S table   I ncomes   74 %       (n= 166/224 )   77%       (n= 94/122 )   75 %       (n=114/151 )   75 %       (n=115/153 )   Clients have  Stable H ousing  (Moved off  streets)   70%    have   S table  H ousing   92%       (n= 207/225 )   90%       (n= 111/123 )   97 %       (n= 148/153 )   90%       (n= 140/155 )   Combined  S uccess    R ate   60 %    will  A chieve  A bstinence,   S table  I ncome,    &   Stable H ousing   73%       (n= 164/225 )   71%       (n= 87/123 )   80%       (n= 122/153 )   72 %       (n= 112/155 )