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Our Mission

Benilde   Hall   Program’s   mission   is   to   promote   balanced   and   responsible independent   living   by   preventing   the   relapse   of   chemically   dependent homeless   persons   through   housing   and   substance   abuse   treatment   so they    can    work    and    live    without    the    havoc    and    chaos    caused    by addiciton and homelessness.

Our Philosophy

“A   trust   and   understanding   must be    built    between    the    residents and   the   staff,   based   on   mutual respect       and       understanding. Once    these    initial    relationships have      been      established,      the resident     can     proceed     with     a certain    amount    of    confidence and   enthusiasm   into   a   full   recovery   program.   He   now   has   a   set   of values   and   a   frame   of   reference   from   which   to   work.   His   personal growth   will   continue   along   with   the   recovery   process   and   will   allow   the individual    to    function    in    society    in    a    meaningful    and    responsible manner.”                                                      Godfrey Kobets - Founder

Our Vision

In    recovery,    a    “sense    of    community”    must    be    established    for    the therapeutic    process    to    continue.        Our    vision    is    to    extend    our continuum   of   after-care   services   for   clients   by   creating   feelings   of belonging   and   connections   to   each   other.      In   a   cohesive   manner,   we will   facilitate   a   “ripple   effect”   keeping   them   engaged   in   the   therapeutic process as role models for the benefit of the whole commutnity.

You Can Make A Difference! 

Godfrey S. Kobets
enilde Hall

Transitional Housing

A Theraputic Community

Treating Addiction, Mental Illness & Homelessness

Our Newsletter

Benlde Hall is now offering a newsletter to keep you informed. Here’s our latest edition. June 2015
There are many ways you can assist us with our mission.  You may employ one of our residents, you may volunteer at our facility or you may make a donation of goods, services or money. Benilde Hall can now accept donations via PayPal.  This service is quick and safe, making the donation process fast and easy.  Click the button below to make a donation.  We would be most grateful.